About Sussex Massage Therapy

Here at Sussex Massage Therapy we focus on treating soft tissue aches, pains and injuries associated with recreational activities and lifestyle factors

What Treatments Do You Offer

Deep Tissue

For those the prefer firmer pressure massage. Great for loosening tight muscles and releasing tension and aches. Treatment concentrated on problematic areas where chronic pain, overuse and injury may be an issue.

Sports Massage

Not just for the sporting amongst us and tailored to the individual. Ideal for anyone struggling with pain or discomfort in a specific area. Whilst sports massage is great for aches, pains and injury rehabilitation, it’s also brilliant as a preventative treatment for the active to keep injury at bay.

Corporate Massage

Increase energy, motivation and productivity within your team. It’s a cost effective way to alleviate physical and mental tension at work and extremely popular with employees. Treatments are easy to perform within the workplace and fit in with daily schedules. Please contact us for further information and for pricing.


  • Treatment is probably best avoided if you have any open wounds, varicose veins, thrombosis, tumours, melanoma or haemophilia due to the nature of the massage, and it’s not suitable for anyone with infectious skin diseases.


  • If you are currently being treated by another physician and/or therapist written consent maybe required. Please contact prior to appointment to confirm.