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Sports & Remedial

Sports massage is a specialist massage technique used to treat muscle, tendon and ligament injury or damage.
 It can help anyone - not just athletes to heal aches and pains caused by the over use of muscles, or incorrect use of muscles. By using a combination of remedial and deep tissue massage, neuromuscular and muscle energy techniques during a personalised course of treatment,  
Sussex Massage Therapy can combine these specialised treatments alongside advice on remedial exercises to create a rehabilitation program suited to your own needs

Rock Tape

The popularity of Kinesiology tape increased dramatically after the 2008 Olympics.  More recently, the tape has become increasingly popular within the treatment for common "aches and pains" in musculoskeletal clinics including Sussex Massage Therapy.
Kinesiology taping works on pain, inflammation, muscle function, oedema and joint position



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